Workshops - Intro to HCKM

Intro workshop to a full-body Holistic Chi Kung (Qi Gong) Massage

Holistic Healing + De-Armouring – 2.5hr Group MASTERCLASS with Viktoria

t.b.a in Toronto

  • From: 1:00pm – 3:30pm
  • Location: Private Studio NW Toronto

I believe in empowering women and men with the knowledge of this massage to help heal the feminine and masculine body. Making this full-body experience a complimentary healing process to your alternative practices and western healing modalities.

What will I learn in the masterclass?

Join me in this masterclass and learn about this holistic healing + de-armouring Chi Kung massage.

  • Learn how it works, reasons why its a good idea to learn and experience this modality.
  • Engage in an open dialogue and Q & A. Learn its long-term benefits.
  • Learn how the activation of the body’s natural healing process occurs.

In addition, follow a few simple guided energy movements and poses of the chi kung (Qi Gong) martial art to giving you insight and awareness to your own energy.

Followed by a live HCKM demonstration on a female or male body that will cover every inch of the body, from the tip of the head to the tip of the toes, back and front, including the external and internal cradle of life (yoni or lingam/jewels). 

Bring a closed water bottle, notebook and an open mind and heart for your learning.  

What is the masterclass learning format?

You will participate in an open dialogue of theory and history, have your questions answered and learn the foundational principles of holistic chi kung massage and energy movement. You will also be guided with chi kung (Qi Gong) martial art simple practices. You will then be seated and observe the live demonstration.

When to arrive

  • Please arrive at 15 minutes before class to get settled in. Class begins promptly on time.

How to prepare

  • Attend with an open mind, curiousity and wonderment of heart.
  • Watch the video below and learn more about HCKM. Please contact us if you have any questions!

Who’s this masterclass for?

All are welcome. Individuals, couples and friends. Some of you may wish to come with a your partner/lover or a close friend or on your own to learn about giving and receiving this style of holistic healing massage.

What’s the cost and do I need to register?

The cost of the 2.5 hour intensive masterclass workshop is $250pp. Registration is required as we keep the numbers to a small group of attendees.

Who’s the instructor?

Head trainer and practioner, Viktoria will be leading this masterclass. Learn more about Viktoria.

What’s after the masterclass?

Options to choose after you attend the masterclass:

Workshop reviews/testimonials

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Workshops are limited to a small group. 

“How do I speak about what is beyond words! I can only encourage you to experience this yourself. I will give a gift of this massage to my dearest and closest.”


I was delighted with my first Chi Kung massage this past weekend. Viktoria is exceptionally knowledgeable, skilled and sensitive. It was an eye-opening and body-opening experience.

Because of the details she provided from the start, I knew what to expect and there was no suspenseful “what if’s”. The entire massage was pleasant, nurturing, light-hearted, sexy and healing.  Every bit of my body felt cared for and that makes this massage stand out.

I will definitely go back and get deeper cellular clearing with this method.


“Amazing, powerful day. Think I will need some time to let it all sink in. I feel blessed to have experienced today with such love and acceptance all around me.”


“Phenomenal. Finally, a massage that incorporates the entire body!!! Thank you”


Your instructor – Viktoria

My training and certifications from practitioner to teacher in the ancient wisdom and modern science of:

  • Holistic Chi Kung massage

  • Hatha and Laya Yoga

  • Tibetan, Classical and Neo Tantra

  • Transformational Counselling and Life Coaching  

  • and my 15+ years of mastering this knowledge

In addition, my personal profound experiences in receiving care and working on myself through these modalities of healing, brings me to my mission: to share this ancient wisdom, of which, modern science is now supporting.

Surf to PlayfulLoving.com for more information on my coaching, programs and other workshops.


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Workshops are limited to a small group. 

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