FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Please connect with us for any questions you have. This general information was created to provide clarity of intention, professional protocol, after care, expectations, safety, and confidentiality.

The massage experience is always within your boundaries of safety, consent and comfort within a mutually agreed upon contained time and space that is reciprocally respected.

Please advise about your physical health and well-being. This includes issues, sensitivities and any known concerns. All information is kept private and confidential.

Is there an Intake Form?

Yes, absolutely! The intake form is to be filled in with your current information, current physically, emotional, and energetic states. Along with some medical information and multiple choice areas of concern. And of course the disclaimer portion with your understanding of the massage modality.

What areas of the body are included in this massage?

This is a full body massage session which includes front and back. From the tip of your head to the tip of your toes which has a physicality and intensity about it with pressure points and muscle manipulation.


This unique modality of reflexology massage incorporates the entire body at your comfort level. This includes the breast plate and may include the cradle of life (genitals). The cradel of life is treated like any other part of the body as belonging to one integrated system.

Is this an erotic massage?

No. This is not an erotic massage. The intention is NOT arousal or sexual release, although this can happen during the session and is completely acceptable and part of the normal function of the body. In the 10+ years giving this massage I have not had anyone release on my table.

What will I expect to experience in my HCKM?

During the HCKMassage session we invite you to give yourself permission to allow for freedom of expression however that may reveal itself,

  • Full body relaxation
  • Emotional release (cry, laugh, body twitches, tremor, sounds, etc.).
  • Visions; colours, dream like images, flashes of light, etc.
  • Weight shift is sensed from light to dense/heavy
  • The massage experience may touch on releasing surface emotions which requires a time frame of 3hrs to allow for the body to cycle through. For deeper physical and or emotional reveal/release allow 24-48hours for the body to cycle through.
How does the guided massage work?

Couples guided hands-on session: Practitioner/Teacher Trainer will guide giver to the receiver of the massage

How do I prepare for the massage?
  • Set aside at least 2hrs for yourself (keeping in mind your travel time)
  • Eat a light meal at least 2hrs before your session
  • Bring a snack and your preferred beverage for after the massage. Your body will be hungry and thirsty.
What level of undress do I need?

Professional protocol dictates that the practitioner is clothed and the massage is “one-way touch” (you receive and the practitioner gives you the massage). The receiver undresses to their comfort level and is draped with a sheet

What oil is used for the massage?

Organic coconut or grape-seed oil are used therefor please advise of any allergies or sensitivity

After care information
  • We check in with you to see how you are processing your holistic massage experience. This will be either by telephone/email within 24-48hrs. Please advise which form of communication is more comfortable for you.
  • We recommend that you abstain from any alcohol or recreational substances for a period of 24-48 hours
  • The rest of your day/night is to be spent with continued self-care (long bath/shower, rest and sleep), along with good food and plenty of water.

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