Words of gratitude from clients and students.


Viktoria conducts this training with great expertise and care. Her dedication to Holistic Chi Kung Massage reveals itself in many beautiful ways. From the perspective of someone providing the massage under her instruction, Viktoria’s guidance is very effective. She is able to describe physical and energetic dynamics effortlessly so that I am able to understand what I am doing. She also inspires and trains on how to recognize intuition and “feeling into” the massage, so that I am able to tune into my awareness in the context of the massage. Above all, Viktoria is fun and engaging and I have enjoyed and benefited greatly from every interaction with her.



What I took from this course was how to provide clients with a safe container that can hold space for their physical body and the emotional trauma locked within. It gave me more tools to add to my toolbox of modalities. I was amazed at how the course showed me how to connect the mind, spirit and body for our clients. I witnessed many clients feeling like a weight has been lifted from them. This is important work that more people need to know about. Thank you!

Clive Hannah


I am very grateful to Viktoria for bringing this incredible knowledge to Toronto. The effects of receiving the massage were unlike anything I had experienced. Learning to give the massage has allowed me to share that experience with my close circle of friends. Best gift I now give.

Nick Wright 

This massage was a really beautiful experience for me and I can absolutely recommend it for lots of different reasons!

My intention was to heal some stories that felt stuck in my body, especially in my vagina and other parts of my reproductive system. I had a big breakup this year and also a bunch of scary medical stuff happen, and I felt like my body was still holding onto those memories. I wanted to shift that energy so that I could welcome new energy. It was important for me to do this with a woman practitioner, and with someone who understands body memory.

Viktoria is really skilled at creating safety and respect in the work she does–she made an experience that, culturally, is a hard thing for many people to imagine, feel very very healthy and distinctly not-weird! I felt her attuning to my boundaries both verbally and nonverbally throughout the session.

I felt like she was really listening to my body and helping me to open up slowly. Because of that, I was able to feel really comfortable and relaxed, and get the most out of the massage.

The ways of touching in this technique are also really special! I learned a bunch of new ways of touching myself and ways to show my lovers to touch me.

Immediately after the massage, I felt really happy and social.

The following day, I was quite tired and I took the day off work to rest and relax–I would recommend doing this if you can, it helped my body integrate the massage.

All in all, Viktoria is a very skilled and aware practitioner, a person who really understands communication, safety and both the sexual body and the energy body.

Highly recommended!

Thank you, Viktoria! <3


I was delighted with my first Chi Kung massage this past weekend. Viktoria is exceptionally knowledgeable, skilled and sensitive. It was an eye-opening and body-opening experience.
Because of the details she provided from the start, I knew what to expect and there was no suspenseful “what if’s”.

The entire massage was pleasant, nurturing, light-hearted, sexy and healing.   Every bit of my body felt cared for and that makes this massage stand out. I will definitely go back and get deeper cellular clearing with this method.      


I had a massage today with Viktoria. She is amazing. I am a quiet very private person. However I felt very comfortable with her from the moment I met her.

My journey to love my body started today. I wish I could see her for more body work in the future but unfortunately I don’t live here. I would recommend Viktoria to any one.

Viktoria has Angelica’s hands. Her touching is very healing. Love every moment.


Balance Your Body Today!

Photo of candle, Towel and massage oil - HCKM Gratitude
Photo of putple candles and lavender - HCKM Gratitude

Healing from Within

I’m feeling pretty darn good! Thank you for the wonderfully caring, nurturing, safe and unashamed experience! All weekend I felt great and with good energy and intention.

I felt a sense that I was a bit more in control of me, myself and I and that lead to a feeling of contentment. Confidence is da bomb! Thanks for checking in! Looking forward to all that and in keeping in touch with you.

You’re a cool and very intriguing woman! (I mean super sister!) ?

Have a wonderful day!


I had years of pain and anxiety, after having this massage I feel better then I have in years! All my tension is gone, I can think clearly now and I’m enjoying life much better, Thank YOU!


“Phenomenal. Finally a massage that incorporates the entire body!!! Thank you!”


I went for a massage the other day, but this was no regular massage. I sat and received the details of what exactly would be done with my body. I had never received a reflexology massage before and was curious about what I was getting myself into. It was explained to me that she would be mostly working with very sensitive pressure points scattered about my body. These pressure points are linked to important systems in my body such as the digestive system, lungs and heart etc.. By working on these pressure points I could in turn open up important pathways and blood flow to these systems where the wear and tear of everyday life had put up blocks and slowed down circulation.

Before hands ever touched me, the energy in the room changed. The lights dimmed, the scent changed and tranquil music lightly filled the room. I was slowly being taken to another place; sense by sense. Once the treatment began I knew I had not been treating my body very well. The senses and feelings and nerve endings I had been neglecting were alive again, sometimes uncomfortably, but mostly blissfull to be in existence once more. I laughed, I cried, I even fell into a deep trance between sleeping and awake. Time seemed to lapse and my thoughts moved away from the worries and cares of everyday life into my present moment. I was able to feel grateful for allowing myself to just relax, feel and think. I felt like the energy pathways in my body had been opened up, along with the increased blood flow I was experiencing. Honestly, It felt like being held in your mothers arms for 2 hours while she told you how proud she is of you. I have never felt more vital and more myself.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to experience the care and wisdom that was received in the reflexology massage practice.

If you are looking for more openness in your body, mind and spirit I would recommend this practice to you.


This past Friday I received a massage from Viktoria. This was my first Chi Kung massage but certainly not my last. I am 66 years of age and over the decades have experienced many different modalities of massage but few have reached the depths of this work. Every cell of my body felt affected and energized. It is now Monday afternoon and I still feel a deep sense of groundedness and wholeness. There is a pulsing in my toes and fingers that radiates throughout my entire being. I recommend this to anyone who wishes to have their body wake up and become more alive.


The experience of guided HCK massage for myself to receive was amazing! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion and being such an inspiring teacher. Thank you for organizing the couples guided massage for women to receive and creating a safe space. And thank you especially to my partner Shane, for giving so fully your energy, caring and acceptance.”


“How do I speak about what is beyond words!  I can only encourage you to experience this yourself.  I will give a gift of this massage to my dearest and closest.”


“Amazing, powerful day. Think I will need some time to let it all sink in. I feel blessed to have experienced today with such love and acceptance all around me.”


Last week I was fortunate enough to experience a therapeutic holistic Chi Kung sexual reflexology massage. For me it was very healing emotionally, mentally and spiritually! Before, during and after the session Kia was very professional, communicating clearly, openly and warmly. Within the massage there were moments when waves of emotion arose in me and she compassionately welcomed my outflow of words and wonder and tears. I felt safe in her presence and precious beneath her touch. It was no less than amazing on so many levels. Kia truly has a gift as healer in this world and I felt blessed by my contact with her hands and heart!


I thought it would just be a Reiki massage though I wasn’t sure what that would actually entail. It turned out to be a [ was it qigong massage?]  followed by Reiki energy healing. The entire experience was amazing though I feel even that word falls short of encompassing the whole of what transpired for me. Kia has a calm energy that automatically puts me at ease. Also, her  soothing voice makes me feel like anything I say is acceptable and that I am safe. I felt encouraged to speak about whatever was happening for me during the massage. Having my breasts massaged felt luxurious…it’s such a joy to have them receive attention without sexual intent. I felt the same way having my yoni massaged. I had never ever been touched down there without sexual purpose. I felt comfortable though not as open as I thought I would be since it was my first time. There was a slight resistance in me that didn’t want me to fully enjoy it as I would be slightly embarrassed by my body’s response.

I can’t say that all of it was pleasant. There were points on the body, in between the toes in particular, that hurt. I loved that she explained things that she was doing. It helped prepare me for some of the discomforts. I found myself breathing deeper through those moments. It was Kia’s own deep breathing that encouraged me to breath deeply myself…it made me realize that I don’t do enough of that in the rest of my life.

Looking back on the overall experience, I felt very present and connected to everything that was happening in my body. It was one of the few times where I felt myself get out of my head and focus on body sensations. At one point Kia was moving towards my hips. I began to feel very emotional…like I might cry. She had no way of knowing this but as she placed her hands on my hips she began to explain that many woman become emotional getting their hips massaged. I not only felt connected to my body but I also felt very connected to Kia.

After having a quick shower I left in a rush to meet friends for a BBQ. I regret having to rush off as it did not jive with how relaxed I was feeling. Once I got to my destination and was able to settle, I felt stoned without the paranoia. I realized that is what true physical relaxation feels like. There wasn’t a single ache or discomfort in any part of my body. I felt completely comfortable in my skin and about who I was. I chose to observe rather than engage too much during the event.


Embodied Awakening, Awareness & Joy

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