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Viktoria Kalenteris

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Kia Park

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Monica Kovacs

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Viktoria Kalenteris

Trainer / Practitioner


Welcome and invite your mind, body and heart to open and receive.

My name is Viktoria and I have been a scholar of life within a variety of its depths; good, bad and ugly. My curious, adventurous and intuitive healing nature was evoked at an early age but was stifled at different trauma points. Growing up in a strict Greek orthodox family I was disciplined in the art of heightened awareness. ” If you don’t cook, clean and take care of your family, when you get married your husband will you kick you out.”  The family training of service did not prepare me for a milieu of traumas with the most profound being my arranged marriage at 18 to an abusive partner. The physical, emotional and psychological traumas activated my survival mechanism to disassociate and seek anything other than my self-care.

My transformational healing journey was lightly brushed upon at 19 as I was hurriedly told that my physical wounds and psychological scars would heal over time. Years later, I felt I needed something more than just words as my protective shield. I sought out alternative healing arts; psychotherapy, dance, kink, acupressure, intuitive bodywork, tantra, importance of sacred space, transformational counselling and energy movement (Chi Kung). A transformation of self began while activating the natural chi flow to heal, invigorate and sustain vitality, to which I could live life to its fullest passionate potential. Finally, the connection was made! The body must heal for the mind to follow.

The realization of the body, heart and mind connection, fueled my studies to become a holistic chi kung massage practitioner, teacher/trainer and a catalyst, provocateur, and intuitive avant garde relationship and intimacy coach and counsellor. I enjoy Inspiring confidence, curiosity and authentic communication while imparting wisdom and cultivating well-being, through the values of integrity, mindfulness, and empowerment. I am known as a swirling energy of calm awareness who celebrates life by helping others reclaim their power, playfulness and natural intimacy on their terms and within their comfort levels.

ComPassionate Conscious Coaching for Life, Love & Intimacy

Website: www.playfulloving.com

Location: Toronto West, Ontario

Kia Park



Welcome and let the movement of your breath feel at ease.

My name is Kia and I have been studying and practicing alternative healing methods for over 8 years.  From the age of 14, depression, an eating disorder and addictive behaviour had a huge negative impact on my life and body.  In my early 20s, I embarked on a transformational journey starting with meditation.  Soon after I was introduced to the practice of Chi Kung for self-healing as taught by my Master from Northern China, who is also a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Through this practice I discovered the potential of the human body to heal itself through focus, breath and the circulation of chi.

Over the years I’ve explored and practiced other forms of energy healing, meditation and body work including Reiki, Tantric massage and Kundalini Yoga. When I discovered this Holistic Chi Kung Massage I thought, Wow!  A modality that combines my love for touch, energy healing and chi kung.

Once again, let the movement of your breath feel at ease.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Monica Kovacs


As an Integrative Sexuality Coach, I use a unique combination of coaching and bodywork to help clients reconnect with their bodies and move past sexual blockages.

My approach is multifaceted. Drawing on my studies in Somatic Sex Education, Yoga, Tantra, Holistic Chi Kung massage as well as other complimentary modalities to create an approach to sexuality that integrates mind, body and spirit.

I completed my training in Somatic Sex Education through the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. This body-based modality is complimented by my background in Hatha yoga, Chi Kung (Qi Kong), meditation, and Reiki. In addition, I’ve pursued continuing education in Trauma Sensitive Yoga and have volunteer experience through the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre as a crisis counsellor and yoga teacher for assault survivors.

My current path of study is in Existential – Integrative Psychotherapy, through The Living Institute in Toronto. This program encompasses teachings in depth psychology, as well as further body-based modalities such as primal therapy and holotropic breathwork.

Working with you towards your empowerment. I work with individuals and couples of all genders and orientations who are looking to move past old blockages and deepen their sexual experience.
If you are interested in working together, I invite you to fill out the intake below to book a complimentary 15-minute consultation. You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions and discuss your intentions for your personal growth.

Website: www.monicakovacs.ca


Workshops are limited to a small group. 

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Monday - Friday: 9am - 9pm
Saturday: 9am - 12pm

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